Ramped-up box production eases container shortage in China

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Ramped-up box production eases container shortage in China

THE shortage of empty containers in China has eased as manufacturers have increased production capacity, vice minister of transport Zhao Chongjiu said, reports Xinhua.

The monthly production capacity of Chinese container manufacturers has now reached 500,000 TEU, Mr Zhao told a press conference.

China’s steady economic recovery has led to rapid increase in demand for containers in foreign trade transportation, the vice minister said, adding that lower operating efficiency at overseas ports due to the epidemic makes it difficult to ship empty containers back to China.

In addition, the Suez Canal blockage and other factors have affected transportation capacity of major shipping routes and led to global rise in freight rates, said Mr Zhao.

He said the Ministry of Transport will work with relevant parties to guide international liner companies to continuously increase shipping capacity on routes from the Chinese mainland, improve container turnover efficiency, and make sure international logistics supply chain is stable and smooth.

Last year, cargo throughput and container throughput at China’s ports reached 14.55 billion tonnes and 260 million TEU, respectively, ranking first in the world on both counts.

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