HO CHI MINH - Australia

    Vận chuyển hàng hóa LCL, FCL tuyến HO CHI MINH - Australia

    The commonwealth of Australia is a peaceful country, in harmony with nature, spacious and abundant land. Australia is part of Oceania, a continent in the Southern Hemisphere, located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.Area is 7,686,850 km2. Australia is the largest island in the world, the sixth largest area in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil.

    China is currently Australia's largest trading partner.  Although, Australia's economy does not depend on foreign investment, Australia's economy is still more or less dependent on a number of major trading partners such as China, the United States, Japan ... especially China.If China's economy "falls ill", it will also affect the national economy.  Therefore, in order to avoid relying too much on important partners,The Australian Government prioritizes expanding markets to India, ASEAN countries, and even expanding trade relations with Latin American countries.  In addition to promoting the CPTPP and RCEP, the Australian Government has recently announced the launch of a trade agreement (FTA) process with the Pacific Union - Latin American Trade Bloc.

    Vietnam and Australia have now become important trade and economic partners of each other.  Currently Vietnam is one of the countries with the largest import and export turnover of Australia.

    TPG has been building our consol box from HCM to Australia to provide our good partners and customers better logistic services and efficient cost.


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