Los Angeles is located in southern California, USA. A city with a variety of communities from all different cultural backgrounds especially Hispanic and Asian. With a territory of 503 square miles, this city is one of the most significant profitable engines within the United States, with a different economy in a wide range of business and social areas. It also has three waterways cross the county and one of them is the longest paved waterway in the world. The main links connecting downtown and the suburbs are the famed Los Angeles freeways, which spread throughout the region in a vast network of concrete ribbons. A drive in any direction presents a variety of landscapes. Some roads cross the Los Angeles River, which appears in the guise of a huge, cement-lined flood-control channel.

    Language is also a cultural feature of there. More than 90 languages other than English are spoken in homes around Los Angeles, most notably Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Cantonese, Tagalog, Korean, Armenian, Russian, Farsi, Cambodian, and Hebrew. In a given week, radio listeners can hear perhaps a dozen or more different foreign languages on the air, and newspaper readers may choose from more than 50 foreign-language newspapers published in the county. Los Angeles has a strong advantage in manufacturing, banking, tourism and above all is international trade.

    The world city, it has been ranked 6th in the world city list and 9th in the world Economic force Index. In 2008, The Los Angeles mixed statistical region also owns the total metropolitan product and became it the third-largest in this globe, after that Tokyo and New York metropolitan areas.

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