Manila, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, is located in Southern Luzon, the largest of the more than 7,000 islands that make up the nation known as the Philippines. It is a city within the National Capital Region or also referred to as Metropolitan Manila. The city flanks Manila Bay, and is divided into northern and southern sections by the Pasig River. Manila serves not only as the country's capitol, but also as its financial, publishing, and business center. The city has undergone rapid economic. development since its destruction in World War II and its subsequent rebuilding. The citizens of the city speak Tagalog, but most are also fluent in English.

    Metropolitan Manila experienced rapid growth in the late 20th century, which helped establish it as a major economic centre in the Pacific region. Manila is the centre of trade and finance in the Philippines. Trade flourishes within the metropolitan area and between the city and the provinces and other countries. The diverse manufacturing activities of Manila include textile production, publishing and printing, food and tobacco processing, and chemical processing. Heavy industries are located in the districts of Paco, Pandacan, and Santa Ana. Manila is also known in its scenic landmarks and famous structure like the Intramuros. The fort and St. Augustine Church still are good examples of Spanish colonial architecture. Music of many types can be found in Manila. Other theaters are located in Malate at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Moreover, Metro Manila offers visitors the opportunity to explore the cultural wealth of the Philippines through art museums, historical museums, and cultural and scientific displays. Manila still has many to offer, and showcase the country's diverse tourist attractions and its culture. 

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