HO CHI MINH - Port Klang Malaysia

    Vận chuyển hàng hóa LCL, FCL tuyến HO CHI MINH - Port Klang Malaysia

    Port Klang  is a town and the main gateway by sea into Malaysia. Known during colonial times as Port Swettenham but renamed Port Klang in July 1972, it is the largest port in the country. It is located about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) southwest of the town of Klang, and 38 kilometres (24 mi) southwest of Kuala Lumpur. Located in the District of Klang.

     Port Klang was the 11th busiest container port in the world. It was also the 17th busiest port in by total cargo tonnage handled.

    Located in the most populous area of Malaysia. The Port Klang plays an important role in the nation's development.  Based on a government directive in 1993, the Klang port is currently being developed as Malaysia's central border gate and is intended to become a regional distribution center.

    Currently, the port connects trade with more than 120 countries and deals with more than 500 ports around the world.  Its ideal geographic location makes Klang the first port of vessels on the eastbound and the last port on the westbound of the Far East-Europe trade route.

    The bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Malaysia  keeps increasing these years also driving vibrant transactions between major of ports the two countries.

    TPG has been building our consol box from HCM to Port Klang to provide our good partners and customers better logistic services and efficient cost


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