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    Rotterdam is the second-largest city of Netherland and also the major port of European and it lies along the New Meuse River. Since the 1300s, the city has been growing in commerce and has been trading with India since the 17th century. The name Rotterdam was first mentioned in 1283, when a small tract of reclaimed land was created by draining the mouth of the Rotte River (another distributary in the Rhine River delta). Rotterdam developed as a fishing village and was chartered in 1328. In 1340 the town received permission to dig a canal to the Schie (another tributary of the New Meuse River), and it became the major port of the province.  This makes Rotterdam the second largest trading city of the country after Amsterdam.

    After all the hard trying, between 1906 and 1930 Rotterdam’s Waal Harbor was built; it became the largest dredged harbor in the world.  With a small territory, this city also has several large oil refineries at present.  Much of Rotterdam’s economy depends on shipping, with large quantities of the sea- transported goods via the Rotterdam’s Harbor with much of its cargoes including crude oil or petroleum products. This harbor also the largest grain and general-cargo harbors on the continent. Not surprisingly, it is a major transshipment port for inland Europe at the moment and it is also open to the North Sea, the world’s most heavily navigated sea.

    Most people think that with the bustling economy, this city was so dry and insipid. Quite the reverse, the people who have been Rotterdam almost have their own unique feelings because of the ancient features there, the old museums and cultural institutions in Rotterdam include De Doelen concert hall (1966), noted for its acoustic perfection. The Boymans-van Beuningen Museum has a remarkable collection of paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters.

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